1.      NO HASSLES: Let someone else take responsibility for shopping, chopping, stirring, and prepping the plates. Delegate these tasks to the pros.

2.       IT’S STRESS FREE: Think about how stressful it is to worry about organizing for guests: Did I buy all the ingredients I need?, Did I forget anything? Is there enough or too much food? What if I mess up while my guests are there? Hire a chef, sleep well at night.

3.       FRESHNESS GARANTEED: Not that your own food isn’t fresh or anything, but sometimes you just don’t have time to get your ingredients whenever you want. Kids, work, pets, chores, many things can sidetrack us. Let the caterers deal with it. Remember, freshness is the key to a great meal.

4.      SAVE TIME: All of the prep work involved in making a great meal for guests takes time, more time than you can imagine. Time is precious, especially in the fast paced world we live in. Why not keep that precious time to unwind or relax? You deserve it. Let someone else do the running around.

5.       THEY HAVE EXPERIENCE: You might be an excellent cook, and may be dying to make your guests try that new recipe you just learned. But cooking for guests is a whole other ball game. Guests have good intentions, but they tend to get in the way: they chit chat with you, ask you questions, offer to help, watch you cook, and basically end up hindering more than helping. More than a few things can go wrong while entertaining them. Remember, cooking is all about timing, if you forget something is in the oven or in the pan, your evening is ruined! Getting the portions right is also different when cooking for 2 as opposed to bigger groups. Let the chefs handle it.

6.    NO DISHES!:  I’m sure everyone agrees that this is the crappiest part of having people over; doing the dishes! Whether it’s right after they leave or the morning after, no one is looking forward to doing them. Seeing that pile of dishes is a real eye sore. Some people have a dishwasher, that’s great and all, but you still have to store the dishes afterwards. Let the caterers do the dirty work.

7.    IT’S CLEAN: Every few months there’s an article or a report about your favorite spot being fined for lack of cleanliness, or sometimes even worse! I’m thinking of a rhymes with hats and starts with the letter R... When you have caterers cook at home, you know your kitchen is clean, and the preparation is done right in front of you. No nasty surprises!

8.    YOU GET TO LEARN: Ever wondered how to make that veal parmesan that you love so much? Or any other dish? There’s no better way, than to have a chef at home cook live in front of you. Be the fly on the wall, spy on the chef, now’s your chance!

9.    YOU CAN PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR GUESTS: Let’s face it, when you invite people over, you spend more time cooking, serving, and cleaning, than actually catching up with your friends and family. By hiring a chef, you get to really enjoy your time with your guests and don’t have to worry about what’s going on in the kitchen.

10. MAKE A GREAT IMPRESSION: Chef at home catering is still a relatively new trend. Many people have never heard of it, let alone had the chance to experience it. There’s no better way to impress your date, guests, coworkers or family, than to hire your very own private chefs. Ouuuu’s and Ahhhh’s guaranteed!